As a Church we believe that it is really important to support mission organisations who both proclaim the good news of Jesus and share hope and love with those who have little material needs. The missions and individuals that the church supports include:

SIFT is involved in ministering to the poor and distressed in Ometepe Nicaragua with a special emphasis in providing health, homes, education and sustainable livelihoods.

SIFT – Nicaragua

Worldwide Missions

Denis & Charmian lead a church called

Centro de Fuego, which is similar in size to

Waterbrook and, like us, has just moved out of a home. It now meets in a restaurant. The family visited us in June /July 2014.

Denis & Charmian Arevalo – Peru

David & Stratica Serediuc pastor Filadepfia Church in Iasi, Romania and we have a strong connection with them. Tony & Joy have visited Filadelfia and David & Stratica

in turn have visited us at Waterbrook.

David & Stratica Serediuc – Romania

In India we have a close link with a group of churches in Kollom in which there are 8 pastors under the leadership of Joy Benjamin. One of the churches is also called Waterbrook,

Joy & Jackie Benjamin – India

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